Check Out Resort Facilities And Services Online Before You Book

When people use the term, home away from home, it used to make me smile. Isn’t the whole point of a holiday getting away from the daily grind? But now I understand that what people mean by that phrase, is that they have all the comforts of home.

And that’s certainly true when you book your holiday accommodation at Broadbeach apartments on the Gold Coast.

Of course, some are better than others, so it pays to check them out online and read reviews about the resort facilities and services.

Excellent Restaurants in Broadbeach

pic012For example, if you’re a bit of a foodie, and looking forward to a weekend or week of pure indulgence, you’ll want a resort within walking distance of the excellent restaurants in Broadbeach!

And you’ll also want a good choice of restaurants. Fine dining is great for a special occasion, but there’s nothing like good old fish and chips on the beach when enjoying a seaside break.

Resort facilities and services can vary, so take a look at what you’re getting for your money. For example, is there one swimming pool, or two. Does that matter, you ask. Yes, it certainly does if you’re holidaying in winter and you want a heated indoor pool!

Check Out What’s Included

And check out what’s included with the apartment. For example, don’t get caught paying for a kitchen that turns out to be a kitchenette and includes 2 glasses and a mug!

That’s why I tend to stick with AAA 4-Star resorts, like the Phoenician, as I know that whatever special offer I get on accommodation, I’ll have a spacious apartment with a full kitchen and bathroom, comfy queen-sized bed, lounge and private balcony, as well as all the bells and whistles, like air-conditioning and Austar.

The best thing about booking accommodation in Broadbeach apartments is the wonderful ambience of this pretty suburb, the beach and the proximity to all the attractions.